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Archbishop Wojciech Ziemba

Wojciech Ziemba ( 1941-) – Catholic Church Archbishop, Warmia metropolitan bishop.

He was ordained a bishop in Warmia diocese on 23rd June 1982 and than consecrated in Olsztyn Cathedral on 4th July 1982. On 25th March 1992 he was designated a bishop of Ełk. John Paul II nominated him a metropolitan archbishop of Białystok on 16th November 2000. He decided to choose: Dives In Misericordia Deus for his bishop's motto. The third bishop of Białystok.


On 30th May 2006 Benedict XVI nominated him a metropolitan archbishop of Warmia. The official ingress to Olsztyn Cathedral took place on 11th June. On the 29th June 2006 during an official ceremony dedicated to the apostles Peter and Paul he was awarded a papal pallium – a sign of close bonds with Vatican.


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Archbishop Wojciech Ziemba