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Ludwik Krzysztof Zamenhof-Zaleski

Ludwik Krzysztof Zamenhof-Zaleski (born in1925) – a Polish engineer and contructor, Esperantist, grandson of Ludwik Zamenhof. Born in Warsaw to Adam and Wanda Zamenhof nee Frenkel. During the World War II was confined in the Warsaw Ghetto with his closest family. In August 1942 he managed to make his escape from Umschlagplatz (by pretending to be dead). He was hiding with his mother at Włodzimierz Janczewski's. After the war he graduated from Warsaw Polytechnics to become a lecturer and a seminar leader (also at Warsaw Polytechnics). In the 60s he emigrated to France. He holds a title of Profesor Emeritus of Milan Polytechnics and Higher School of Architecture in Paris. His most prominent works include Olympic Stadium in Montreal and Charles de Gaulle's monument. Internationally renowned for his academic/scientific publications in Polish, French, English and Esperanto. He was one of the initiators of the Medal of Tolerance (awarded in 1999 to John Paul II). In 2009 strongly supported Białystok as a convention place for the World Congress of Esperanto.

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Ludwik Krzysztof Zamenhof-Zaleski