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Recruitment to day care centres and reception classes in primary schools


The recruitment for the school year 2010/2011 to community day-care centres of the City of Bialystok will be conducted from 8 March till 9 April 2010 during hours displayed in each day-care centre.

As in previous years, the recruitment process will be supported by an on-line system. This year the recruitment will be based for the first time on unified criteria in all community day-care centres in Bialystok, with the reservation that when these criteria are exhausted, recruitment commissions appointed at various day-care centres may develop additional, specific criteria, if needed. All application forms filed during the recruitment period are treated equally (acceptance is not based on the first come/first served rule).

A sample day-care application form will be available at all the day-care centres and on their respective website during the recruitment period, i.e., from 8 March till 9 April 2010.


Important dates:

  • 5 March 2010 is the deadline for filing declarations to continue day-care attendance (required to verify data and make changes to "Child's personal details"),
  • from 8 March till 9 April 2010 application forms will be accepted at day-care centres
  • on 16 April 2010 the results of the recruitment process will be announced. Each day-care centre participating in the recruitment process will display a list of all the children admitted to the centre,
  • 30 April 2010 is the deadline for signing an agreement with the day-care centre that the child was admitted to in the recruitment process. A failure to sign an agreement by the deadline specified above will result in loss of placement.

Detailed requirements of registering children at day-care centres and day-care departments of primary schools are provided in the document available below for download and at the following website: http://www.nabor.bialystok.pcss.pl. Information will also be available at the Department of Education, Culture and Sports of the Marshall's Office in 8 Waryńskiego street, tel. 085-869-63-60, 085-869-63-43, 085-869-63-46 , and at all the community day-care centres in Bialystok.

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Informator o oddziałach dla dzieci 5 i 6 -letnich w szkołach podstawowych Miasta Białegostoku

Directory (informer) about departments (squads) for children 5 and 6 (years old) in primary schools of cities of bialystok on school year 2010/2011 - summer ( version PDF; 5,7 MB )