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Works schedule for the “City Development Strategy for 2011 – 2020 plus” will consist of the following 5 stages:

I. Organisational stage

The organisational stage involves establishing subject teams, Strategic Convent and elaborating the scheme of preparing the Strategy.


II. Diagnostic Stage

The Diagnostic stage involves running opinion polls and surveying the citizens, entrepreneurs and NGO representatives. It will also include a social – economic diagnosis of the City and an analysis of the Strategy's coherence with strategic goals at different levels (EU, whole country and our region).


III. Conceptional Stage

The conceptional stage involves elaborating SWOT analysis, establishing expert teams and devising the overall vision and strategic goals.


IV. Editing and Publicity Stage

The editing and publicity stage involves elaborating the Strategy project, publishing it and final editing of the Strategy.


V. Final Stage

The final stage embraces presentation of the final version of the Strategy to the President of Białystok and to the City Council as well as encouraging the citizens to participate in various implementation-related activities.


Within the frameworks of the City of Białystok Development Strategy for 2011 – 2020 plus various meetings of appropriate subject teams and task forces were organised from January to March. The debates and discussions involved analysing prepared reports, diagnoses and other documents, creating the introductory concept of SWOT analysis and preparing strategic goals of 1st and 2nd level for each subject area.



Metropolis Panel - 19 January 2010. Panel for Sport, Culture and Turism - 20 January 2010. Panel for Planning Space, Technical Infrastructure and Transport - 22 January 2010.
Panel for Social Infrastructure and Human Capital - 26 January 2010.

Panel for Economic Development - 29 January 2010.



First meeting of the Strategic Convent which was founded to carry out various works on the City Development Strategy for 2011 – 2020 plus took place on the 19th March 2010. The President of Białystok and a team of key experts participated in the meeting. The convent, which plays an opinion-forming role, comprises multifarious circles including representatives of the city council, entrepreneurs, clergy, NGOs, journalists, job market institutions, education and didactics establishments and some medical circles.

The meeting opened with a presentation of the achievements which had been hitherto accomplished in various Strategy-related fields, the reports from conducted researches and analyses and the 1st and 2nd level strategic goals elaborated by the subject teams.

The second part of the meeting was dedicated to an open debate of the Strategic Convent members – their expressing opinions and suggestions on elaborated goals.








1st social consultation (of 3 planned events of this kind) on the frameworks of the “City of Białystok Development Strategy for 2011 – 2020 plus” took place on 26th March 2010. The consultation meeting was organised in the auditorium of the Law Faculty of the University of Białystok. It was attended by Białystok citizens and representatives of local authorities with the President Tadeusz Truskolaski.
The citizens were bringing to the surface important issues and problems concerning the city life. They were also proposing their own ideas referring to the newly emerging Strategy. The most talked about subject areas were road works, expanding the cycling paths network, reactivation of City Councils, preventing the building of an incineration plant within the city borders, building an airport, establishing high speed railway and motorway connections with Warsaw and facilitating administrative procedures.







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