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The President of the City
Created by:Dariusz Korolczuk 05.01.2010, 14:43

The speech of the President Tadeusz Truskolaski during a swearing-in-ceremony, 5 December 2006.


Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,


This day is one of the most important days in my life. I am standing in front of a respectable assembly as a sworn president of Białystok who was given trust and a mandate by the citizens to manage self- government on their behalf. It is a great honour for me but also not less an obligation. I will do my best to face the task.


Białystok is the city of character, the city with huge potential , above all, of its citizens. It is necessary to do everything to wake it up , to dynamize , to give a new dimension, regain pride. Especially that before us there is an outline of a great chance to use the European Union  support. Coming years will be historical times which shall bring us the possibility of making up  many years of delays.


This challenge surpasses powers of one person . It is directed to the whole local society regardless of one’s world view or political membership. Only united powers of the whole environment of Białystok in the atmosphere of peace and cooperation will allow to use development possibilities. As a president I am going to take this challenge. I want to unite and not divide. I declare the will of cooperation with everyone who cares about the common good of the local society in order to be proud of Białystok.


I would like to thank voters for their trust they gave me. It is very precious for me. I also thank everyone who due to their work and commitment contributed to this moment, I am standing in front of you as a president of  Białystok.


I also direct my thanks to conceded city authorities  - the president  Ryszard Tur and his deputies as well as the Białystok City Council of the last cadence.


Today I ask everyone who cares about the future of Białystok for support.


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of the President of the City


ul. Słonimska 1

15-950 Białystok

tel. 85 869 6961

fax.85 869 6265

mail: prezydent@um.bialystok.pl

How to meet the President?

The President’s business hours are on Tuesdays. To make an appointment contact the secretarial office:


The President of the City
Tadeusz Truskolaski

tel. 85 869 6002

fax.85 869 6265


For matters within the competence of the Deputy Mayor of the City, please contact the respective secretariats:


Adam Poliński

Andrzej Meyer

tel. 85 869 6005

fax.85 869 6266


Renata Przygodzka

Aleksander Sosna

tel. 85 869 6008

fax.85 869 6264