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MOSiR (City Sports and Recreation Centre)

Białystok's MOSiR is a public budget company established through a decision of Białystok's Mayor. It's activities are pursuant to the statutes specified in the relevant resolution of Białystok's City Council.

The centre executes tasks in the following fields of physical culture:

  • physical education,
  • sports,
  • recreation,
  • movement rehabilitation.


Basic MOSiR's tasks are especially:

  • maintenance and availability of sports and recreational facilities,
  • developing sporting services,
  • recreation and movement rehabilitation,
  • cooperation with schools and students' sports clubs,
  • cooperation with sports clubs,
  • running a sports equipment rental shop.


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Municipal Sports and Recreation

ul. Włókiennicza 4
15-465 Białystok

tel. 85 665 28 70
fax. 85 665 28 71