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Białystok – the largest city in north-eastern Poland and the capital of Podlachia voivodeship.

The most important city of the region, the second most densely populated city of the country, the 11th largest population and the 13th largest urban area.

The location close to the borders with Belorus, Lithunia and Russia contributes to the rapid economic and cultural development. Białystok for centuries has been a place where strands of many cultures, religions and nations were drawing together.

Tourists visiting the region may obtain necessary information in the following institutions: Podlaska Regionalna Organizacja Turystyczna(Podlachia Regional Tourist Organisation), Tourist Information Point, Szkolne Schronisko Młodzieżowe (Youth Hostel) and the Regional PTTK department.

Białystok has got a wide offer of hotels/hostels etc. perfectly well suited to everyone's needs.

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