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Educational Information System (SIO)
Created by:Roman Tatarzyński 30.11.2009, 12:57


 Additional explanations:


  • In relation to numerous questions on whether to demonstrate the supplementary allowance, described in art. 30a par. 3 of the Teacher's Charter act, in the Educational Information System, we hereby explain that this allowance should not be demonstrated in table N2, because pursuant to art. 30a par. 6 of the Teacher's Charter act this allowance is not considered a component of expenses on the teachers' remuneration, with respect to the average remuneration amounts described in art. 30 par. 3, in the year when it was disbursed (i.e., in the year 2010).

These allowances should also not be displayed in table KO1 - Costs, because the table refers to expenses born in the year 2009, whereas the supplementary allowances were paid in the year 2010.

It should also be noted that the amounts of supplementary allowances are to be presented in a separate report that should be submitted pursuant to the ordinance of the Minister of National Education of 13 January, 2010 concerning the method of preparing a report on the average remuneration of teachers at various levels of professional advancement in schools managed by local self-government bodies (Journal of Laws No. 6, item 36).

  • In table W2 concerning employees other than teachers, the average monthly salary per one full-time job should be calculated using the salary paid for March and non-periodical remuneration components paid in the period from January to March 2010, divided by 12.
  • in the teaching staff section, each teacher for whom a table with the reasons of absences has been filled is marked by a red square.



NOTE! To update the educational databases that describe the status as on 31 March, 2010 in the Educational Information System, a new version of the software should be used, denoted SIO 3.8.


Educational database sets concerning the status as on 31 March 2010 should be entered into the Educational Information System in the period from 31 March, 2010 to 6 April, 2010.


The software and the manual can be downloaded from: http://www.cie.men.gov.pl/index.php/sio/pliki-do-pobrania.html or from our server:


To download from our server:
exeSIO_windowsJRE_3_8_09.exeexe, 39 MB
pdfInstrukcja SIO marzec 2010.pdfpdf, 587 KB
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Detailed information on the educational information system:
  • recent news,
  • legal acts,
  • software,
  • manual,

are available on the website of the IT Centre for Education - the SIO tab - of the Ministry of Education and Science: http://www.cie.men.gov.pl/index.php/sio.html


Please direct all questions and suggestions by telephone to the following number: 85 869-63-53
lor by e-mail to: e-mail SIO


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