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znak UE


Project co-financed from the European Regional Development Fund under the Integrated Regional Operational Programme, Measure 1.5, as part of project Z/2.20/I/1.5/9/
"Implementation of electronic services for the population of the Podlaskie Voivodeship"


znak ZPORR


INFOSZKOŁA (INFOSCHOOL) allows teachers, students and parents to access all the necessary school-related information via the Internet.

Parents/Teachers can browse the data on the respective student and general information concerning the class and school (attendance, marks, notes),

Teachers have access to the data of all the students of the respective class and the information on the class and school, they can also edit these data (attendance, marks, notes),


Information can be accessed from any place and at any time using a standard web browser.

Choose the relevant module, enter your username, password and log in. Depending on your privileges, you will have access to specific information. An intuitive menu allows easy navigation within the site.


Primary School No. 2 http://e-sp2.um.bialystok.pl
Primary School No. 4 http://e-sp4.um.bialystok.pl
Primary School No. 5 http://e-sp5.um.bialystok.pl
Primary School No. 6 http://e-sp6.um.bialystok.pl
Primary School No. 7 http://e-sp7.um.bialystok.pl
Primary School No. 8 http://e-sp8.um.bialystok.pl
Primary School No. 11 http://e-sp11.um.bialystok.pl 
Primary School No. 12 http://e-sp12.um.bialystok.pl
Primary School No. 14 http://e-sp14.um.bialystok.pl
Primary School No. 15 http://e-sp15.um.bialystok.pl
Primary School No. 16  http://e-sp16.um.bialystok.pl
Primary School No. 19  http://e-sp19.um.bialystok.pl
Primary School No. 21  http://e-sp21.um.bialystok.pl
Primary School No. 26 http://e-sp26.um.bialystok.pl
Primary School No. 28 http://e-sp28.um.bialystok.pl
Primary School No. 32  http://e-sp32.um.bialystok.pl
Primary School No. 34 http://e-sp34.um.bialystok.pl
Primary School No. 37  http://e-sp37.um.bialystok.pl
Primary School No. 43 http://e-sp43.um.bialystok.pl
Primary School No. 44  http://e-sp44.um.bialystok.pl
Primary School No. 47  http://e-sp47.um.bialystok.pl
Primary School No. 49  http://e-sp49.um.bialystok.pl
Primary School No. 50  http://e-sp50.um.bialystok.pl
Primary School No. 51  http://e-sp51.um.bialystok.pl
Primary School No. 52  http://e-sp52.um.bialystok.pl
Public Middle School No. 1 http://e-gim1.um.bialystok.pl
Public Middle School No. 2 http://e-gim2.um.bialystok.pl
Public Middle School No. 3 http://e-gim3.um.bialystok.pl
Public Middle School No. 4 http://e-gim4.um.bialystok.pl
Public Middle School No. 5 http://e-gim5.um.bialystok.pl
Public Middle School No. 6 http://e-gim6.um.bialystok.pl
Public Middle School No. 7 http://e-gim7.um.bialystok.pl
Public Middle School No. 9 http://e-gim9.um.bialystok.pl
Public Middle School No. 12 http://e-gim12.um.bialystok.pl 
Public Middle School No. 13 http://e-gim13.um.bialystok.pl
Public Middle School No. 15 http://e-gim15.um.bialystok.pl
Public Middle School No. 18 http://e-gim18.um.bialystok.pl
Sports Public Middle School No. 19 http://e-gim19.um.bialystok.pl
Public Middle School No. 31 http://e-gim31.um.bialystok.pl
School Complex No. 1 http://e-zs1.um.bialystok.pl
School Complex No. 2 http://e-zs2.um.bialystok.pl
School Complex No. 11 http://e-zs11.um.bialystok.pl
School Complex No. 12 http://e-zs12.um.bialystok.pl
School Complex No. 13 http://e-zs13.um.bialystok.pl
School Complex No. 14 http://e-zs14.um.bialystok.pl
School Complex No. 15 http://e-zs15.um.bialystok.pl
School Complex No. 16 http://e-zs16.um.bialystok.pl
School Complex No. 17 http://e-zs17.um.bialystok.pl
Special Training and Education Centre http://e-sosw.um.bialystok.pl
General Upper Secondary School No. 1 http://e-lo1.um.bialystok.pl
General Upper Secondary School No. 4 http://e-lo4.um.bialystok.pl
General Upper Secondary School No. 5 http://e-lo5.um.bialystok.pl
General Upper Secondary School No. 6 http://e-lo6.um.bialystok.pl
General Upper Secondary School No. 8 http://e-lo8.um.bialystok.pl
General Upper Secondary School No. 11 http://e-lo11.um.bialystok.pl
Building and Surveying School Complex http://e-zsbg.um.bialystok.pl 
Electrical School Complex http://e-zse.um.bialystok.pl
Catering School Complex http://e-zsg.um.bialystok.pl
Commerce and Economics School Complex http://e-zshe.um.bialystok.pl 
Integrative School Complex No. 1 http://e-zsi1.um.bialystok.pl
Mechanical School Complex http://e-zsm.um.bialystok.pl
Technical School Complex http://e-zst.um.bialystok.pl
General Education School Complex No. 10 http://e-zso10.um.bialystok.pl
General Education School Complex No. 2 http://e-zso2.um.bialystok.pl
General Education School Complex No. 3 http://e-zso3.um.bialystok.pl
General Education School Complex No. 5 http://e-zso5.um.bialystok.pl
General Education School Complex No. 8 http://e-zso8.um.bialystok.pl
General Education School Complex No. 9 http://e-zso9.um.bialystok.pl
Technical and General Education School Complex with Integrative Departments http://e-zstio.um.bialystok.pl
General Education and Technical School Complex http://e-zsoit.um.bialystok.pl
General Education School Complex of Sports Championship http://e-zsoms.um.bialystok.pl
High School Complex No. 1 http://e-zsp1.um.bialystok.pl
High School Complex No. 2 http://e-zsp2.um.bialystok.pl
Agricultural School Complex http://e-zsr.um.bialystok.pl
Sports School Complex No. 1 http://e-zss1.um.bialystok.pl 
Vocational School Complex No. 2 http://e-zsz2.um.bialystok.pl
Vocational School Complex No. 4 http://e-zsz4.um.bialystok.pl
Vocational School Complex No. 5 http://e-zsz5.um.bialystok.pl
Vocational School Complex No. 6 http://e-zsz6.um.bialystok.pl
Centre for Continuing Education http://e-cku.um.bialystok.pl



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