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List of investments


Citywide road investments
    co-financed by the European Union


                       Name and subject
of the investment
1.  "Improvement of Białystok's public transport system”- stage II:  2004-2010

Completing construction of the city centre ring road (section from Zwierzyniecka to. A. Mickiewicza Street)



Produkcyjna Street  modernization (section from Swobodna to Gen. St. Maczka Street)



Modernization of Antoniuk Fabryczny Street (section  from Swobodna to Antoniukowska Street), Antoniukowska Street and the following streets: Knyszyńska, Owsiana, Głowackiego and Narewska  



Establishing a dynamic passenger information system and infrastructure necessary for introduction of electronic tickets



Purchase of 48 buses

2. "Improvement of Białystok's public transport system" - stage III:


Redevelopment of J. Piłsudskiego Street (section from  Plac A. Lussy to the flyover in H. Dąbrowskiego Street) including the Sienkiewicza and Piłsudskiego Streets junction  



Redevelopment of Sienkiewicza Street from Białówny to Ogrodowa Street combined with construction of a bus changing centre at the Sienkiewicza, Piłsudskiego and Jurowiecka Streets junction



Redevelopment of H. Dąbrowskiego Street together with the H. Dąbrowskiego- Al. Solidarności interchange



Purchase of 74 buses



Establishing a traffic management centre for public transportation management  2011-2013
3. Preparation of investment areas for the subzone of Suwałki Special Economic Zone in Białystok - Redevelopment of Mickiewicza Street 2008-2010
4. Redevelopment of Gen. St. Maczka Street
5. Constructing an extension of Gen. Andersa  Street (section from Wasilkowska to Baranowicka) 2007-2011
6. Constructing an extension of Piastowska Street (section from Mieszka and to Wysockiego) 2007-2011
7. Redevelopment of Gen. Wł. Andersa Street 2009-2012
8. Redevelopment of Gen. F.Kleeberga Street 2009-2013
9. Redevelopment of the city centre streets - stage I 2008-2010
10. Redevelopment of  Wiadukt Street from Sławińskiego Street to the city border, construction of a new flyover and redevelopment of Białystok - Bielsk Podlaski railway line 2008-2012
11. Construction of Białystok's Science and Technology Park and its precinct 2008-2011
  Ks. S. Suchowolca Street (from Plażowa to Zabłudowska Streets)  
  Zabłudowska Street  
  Plażowa Street (from Ks. S. Suchowolca to Baranowicka Street)     
  Myśliwska Street (from  Dojlidy Fabryczne to new designed road KD-2Z)  
  Borsucza Street (from Solnicka to Plażowa Streets)  
  Proroka Eliasza Street (from Ks. Suchowolca Street to new designed road KD-7L)  
  New designed - KD-7L (from Solnickia to Proroka Eliasza Street)  
  New designed – extension of  Borsucza Street (from Solnicka to Ks. Suchowolca Streets)  


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