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The capital of dance
Created by:Dariusz Korolczuk 20.01.2010, 12:07

Białystok dancers helped the city rebrand itself as the The Polish capital of dance or Polish Broadway. Eight finalists in popular television programme You Can Dance and two dancers performing in Mam Talent contributed to the image of the town as a centre for all dance lovers.

Prestigious festivals and dance contests regularly take place in our town including the Kalejdoskop Festival, Hip Hop Groove, the International Dance Festival Golden Shoes (Złote Pantofelki) or Over The Top to name a few. Every year they attract prominent dancers from around the world and lots of dancing fans.

The city authorities actively support those dancing initiatives. All events are accompanied by the logo of Rising Białystok


The greatest dream of all mankind, irrespective of race and origin should be saving the fundamental values of the modern world, such as equality, freedom and peace. "
Fragment of "Metropolish".


Dance and music tells the story of people who wake up in a strange land - after the destruction of the old world. Lost, lonely, terrified, trying to adapt to new surroundings. Each of them finds a role in the new society.A new hierarchy is created . From a shapeless mass emerges a hero who wants to fight the system. Unfortunately, he does not suspect that this is only part of the game, in which always win those who invented it ...






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