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Białystok balloons
Created by:Karol Lech 30.12.2009, 14:08



Białystok is often called a balloon capital of Poland.

The city prides itself on the 33 years long tradition of ballooning continued now by the association known as the “Białystok Balloon Club”. Our balloon crews represent the town in many competitions at home and abroad.

Ballooning-related exhibitions present numerous exhibits belonging to Białystok aviators.



Talks are being carried out to establish the Museum and Institute of Balloon Sports which would aim at gathering, elaborating and dissemination of knowledge and materials related to ballooning. The museum would enable the sport lovers to implement their ideas, organise exhibitions and lectures on history of aviation sports in Poland and abroad.

Białystok balloon pilots have won numerous awards and distinctions. In 2009 they were awarded a prestigious prize of “Blue wings” for their achievements in development of hot-air ballooning and promoting the sport in Poland. The prize was handed over by non other than Mieczysław Majewski – the President of the Aviation Council of Poland.



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More information on the web sites of the Białystok association.



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