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The capital of Polish puppetry
Created by:Dariusz Korolczuk 05.01.2010, 13:34


The Białystok Puppet Theatre has for decades been one of the most prominent puppet stages in the country. The performances have been always attracting numerous viewers in Białystok and many a time have been presented to a wider audience in Poland and abroad.


The children are not the only addressees of all the plays though. To debunk the stereotype of a puppet theatre the artists of BPT have on many occasions proven that puppetry is a versatile form of expression and works very well with adult subjects as well.


Every two years Białystok becomes a centre for young puppeteers by virtue of the International Festival of Puppetry Schools. The festival has been attended by uncountable artists from Portugal, Germany, Swede, Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine, Japan, Finland and Italy.


To date the consequent editions of the festival have presented all dimensions of unrestrained imagination of young puppeteers. The festival played host to puppets made of foam, metal, strings, straw, plastic bottles, clay and rags. Some of the were smaller than a palm, others bigger than the artists who animated them.


Festival guests saw marionettes, glove puppets, marottes, paper puppets, black light puppets, object puppets, shadow theatre, dance theatre, audio-visual stagings and other forms of expression which evade simple description and even artists are not in position to name them. Hence the name of the festival: “Puppet-No-Puppet”.


The rapid development of puppetry in Białystok is, no doubt, driven by the Puppetry Department of the Białystok Theatre Academy which originally initiated the festival and co-ordinated and co-organised it ever since.


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Bialystok Theater of Doll



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