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Białystok's Traditions


The culture and traditions of Białystok were shaped by people of various nationalities and religions. Owing to them the capital of Podlachia is today a multicultural and uniquely diverse city.

The history of Białystok is not very long. As a city Białystok started functioning in collective consciousness only in the 18th century. It would be rather difficult, though, to find a similar municipality which within such short period of time (three hundred years only) would change its image so diametrically. Even more difficult it would be to think of a town, the culture of which is a resultant of so many and diverse traditions.

Białystok started as a prominent magnates' residence at the times of decline of the Polish – Lithuanian Commonwealth. During the times of the military partitions Białystok became an important industrial centre. It's economy was driven simultaneously by Poles, Jews, Belorussians, Germans, Ukrainians and Tatars – members of the Catholic, Orthodox and Protestant churches as well as followers of Judaism and Islam.

Today's Białystok is very proud of its multicultural traditions and cherishes the memories of the old Polish East wall where this multicultural cocktail had once formed the basis for totally unique cultural phenomena. Białystok is one of the last cities where its multicultural tradition is still live and present amongst the citizens.

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