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Foreign cooperation
Created by:Dariusz Korolczuk 12.01.2010, 14:10

International cooperation is a field of activity which is often marginalised in self-governmental practice. Shame, as one should remember that cooperation of such kind is the most effective mean of promoting the city abroad which may result in attracting investors and tourists as well as contribute to the cultural and educational exchange.


The international policy is usually being conducted in close cooperation with partner cities – municipalities willing to share their experience in the field of self-governance, investments or cultural development and simultaneously express their interest in our achievements in the respective fields. The costs are not soaring and there are multiple advantages of which the economic cooperation and the cultural exchange are the most obvious ones. It also facilitates solving typical problems every city has to cope with.


Białystok has participated in the partnership programmes since the early 90s. Eindhoven was the first city to commence closer relationship with Białystok. Signing of the partnership agreement took place in 1992 and the cooperation has not ceased since then.


The list of twin towns was quickly growing in the following years. Currently Białystok is bound with Kaliningrad, Pskov (Russia), Kaunas (Lithuania), Hrodna (Belarus) and Jelgava (Latvia). Białystok also co-operates with Milwaukee County in the US and District Dijon in France.


Cooperation with foreign partners brings about organising missions and meetings aimed at economic development. It also triggers various cultural, educational and sport-oriented events and enables broadly comprehended exchange of experience especially in the areas of self-governance functioning, implementing new technologies in local investments and attracting investors.


Partnership between the authorities of different regions is often accompanied (and thus reinforced) by collaboration between various organisations and institutions from the twin cities. An intentional letter regarding the future co-operation between the University of Białystok and University of Wisconsin (signed in 2009) may serve as a perfect example of such practices.


Białystok is a member of euroregional association NIEMEN and of EUROCITIES – an association of European cities. In 2009 Białystok was represented by the president of the city – Tadeusz Truskolaski at the Tbilisi conference on the European neighbourhood policies.

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