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The Expert Council for Economic Affairs of The Mayor of Białystok

Cooperation of the local government with business and scientific organizations is a basic element of building a civil society and a sign of the local authorities’s awareness, especially in the current complex situation of the commune's activity.

Cooperation of both milieus will result in planning and starting pro-social and pro-growth development activities that are more conscious and corresponding to social needs, what is essential for all parties of the cooperation.

Aiming at participation of representatives of business as well as higher education institutions in development of Białystok's economic policy and in local economic development programmes, on 17th November 2011 the Expert Council for Economic Affairs of the Mayor of Białystok for years 2011-2014 was appointed, based on the Mayor of Białystok Directive No. 1530/11.

The objective of The Expert Council activity is the cooperation of business and academic milieus consulting the issues of the city's economy. The Council is entitled to express their opinion and start initiatives of solution plans related to the city's economy.


The Expert Council for Economic Affairs scope of activity

Tasks of the Expert Council include providing positions on issues relating to the:

  1. projects of policy papers, including those related to realization of „The Białystok City Development Strategy for years 2011 -2020 plus”;
  2. initiatives taken by the city authorities, enterprises and scientific environment;
  3. the conditions and opportunities for the economic development of the city.


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