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The oldest preserved monuments in Bialystok date back to the second half of the sixteenth century. These include primarily the oldest elements of the main body of the Branicki Palace. The beginning of the seventeenth century is the time when the old parish Assumption of Mary Church was built.

The development of the city and its architecture was under huge influence of John Clement Branicki. Thanks to him the areas around today’s Kosciuszko Square were rebuilt and the hill of St. Roch and St. Mary Magdalene was linked to the city. What also comes from those times - apart from the palace-and-garden complex – is the Welcoming Palace, the City Hall, a well-preserved apartment house at the Kosciuszki Square (the current Astoria Centre), the Orthodox Church of Mary Magdalene, the current National Archives, and –having been built after the death of captain Branicki, the building where Książnica Podlaska has its place.

Out of numerous textile factories dating back to the nineteenth century, there have preserved the remainings of those belonging to Chana Marejn, Wolf Zilberblatt, Nowik and Becker. At present, they serve as shopping malls.
At Bema and Kawaleryjska Street some old cavalry barracks have remained. Following a complete renovation a few years ago, a train station from 1861was put into service. What also preserved is: the Hasbachs’ Palace in Dojlidy, the Lubomirski Palace in Dojlidy, a manufacturing palace at Warszawska 37 Street, General von Driesen’s villa at Świętojańska 17 Street, the Nowik’s Palace at Lipowa 35 Street, a palace at Świętojańska 15 Street, and a villa at Wojsk Ochrony Pogranicza 3 Street.


Currently, there are 258 buildings from Białystok which have entered the register of historic buildings. These include 13 historic churches, 6 palace complexes and 88 residential buildings, including the Wille’s villa at Parkowa 6 Street, the Tryllings’ villa at Warszawska 7 Street, von Driesen’s villa at Świętojańska 17 Street.


The latest list of architectural monuments of Białystok was created in 1992 as a part of an inventory of monuments of Podlaskie voivodeship. It was published by the Warsaw Center for Documentation of Historical Monuments.



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