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Every year in the budget of the City of Bialystok, in Chapter 921, Section 92120 - Protection and care of historical monuments there are fundings provided for activities related to the protection of the cultural heritage of the city; they are spent on the conservation repairs of the facilities owned by the municipality, as well as on keeping records and monument research.


Within the framework of the tasks of public administration, the budget of the City also awards grants to the owners and managers of historic buildings, which is based on the Bialystok City Council Resolution of 21 January 2010 (adopted under Article 82.2. of the Law on protection and care of historic monuments) on the regulation of the provision of grants for conservation, restoration and construction works at monuments from the register of monuments that are placed in the city of Bialystok and do not constitute its property.


In addition, the City allocates funds (they are awarded through an open tender for the implementation of public tasks) for the tasks within the scope of culture, art, protection of cultural heritage and cultural traditions, according to the Act of 24 April 2003 on public benefit and volunteerism (Journal of Laws No 96, item 873, as amended ) to support the activities in the sphere of protection and promotion of cultural heritage and public education in the sphere of preservation of the cultural heritage of Bialystok.

A summary of funds from the city budget which were expended on the renovation and conservation work, and the documentation of historic buildings. Section 92120
Year Amount of expenditure
2004 132 748,00
2005 409 681,00
2006 691 563,00
2007 715 189,00
2008 947 122,00

A summary of grants awarded by the Municipal Office of the City of Białystok in the years 2005 – 2008 for conservation work

  2005 2006 2007 2008
Number of applications 2 3 11 7
Grants awarded 2 1 8 6
Amount of grants 296 940,00 20 000,00 500 000,00 295 000,00


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