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Institutions and associations

The Association of Conservators of Historic Monuments - www
The Society for Protection of Monuments - www
The National Centre for Research and Documentation of Historical Monuments in Warsaw - www
The Polish National Committee of International Council for the Preservation of Monuments - www
The Polish section of the Association for Documentation and Conservation of Architectural Modernism DOCOMOMO - www
Association “The Heritage of Podlasie " - www
Association "We are looking for Poland - www
Old postcards, maps, plans - www

Museums and galleries
Sleńdzińsk Gallery in Bialystok- www
Podlaskie Museum in Bialystok - www

The Faculty of Architecture of the Technical University of Bialystok - www
The Department of History and Sociology, the University of Bialystok - www
The Institute of the Study of Monuments and the Art of Conservation at the Fine Arts Department of the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun - www

The Ministry of Culture and National Heritage - www

The Conservator of Podlaskie Voivodship in Bialystok - www
The Voivodship Office of Podlasie - www
The Marshal's Office of Podlasie - www

A specialist journal "Renovations and Monuments” - www
The journal "Meetings with the Monuments" - www

Other interesting sites
The history and revaluation of the Branicki Garden in Bialystok - www
The history and revaluation of the Branicki Palace in Bialystok - www
A socio-artistic project "Nice? PRL in the city area" - www
The route of Jewish Heritage in Bialystok - www
Polish Heritage Conservation Workshops SA - www
Pages from a Bialystok postcard collector - www1 www2

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