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Tasks of the City Council
Created by:Agnieszka Zabrocka 23.11.2009, 11:25


The competence of the City Council includes:

  1. passing the statute of the commune,
  2. establishing remuneration of the president, directions of his activities and taking reports of his activities,
  3. appointing and revoking a treasurer of the commune who is the budget chief accountant and a commune secretary – at the request of the president,
  4. establishing the commune budget, considering reports on budget implementation and passing a resolution on giving or refusing to give absolutorium from this title,
  5. passing local plans of special development,
  6. passing economic programs,
  7. establishing the scope of activities of auxiliary, rules of passing them property ingredients to use and rules of passing budget sources to implement tasks by these units,
  8. passing resolutions on taxes and payments specified in separate acts,
  9. passing resolutions on commune properties that exceeds the scope of duties of the standard board, that refer to:
    - the purchase principles, sale and land property charges and their leasing or rental agreement for the period longer than three years unless contrary intention appears in specific law; until the rules are specified, the president can make these activities only with the commune consent,
    - issuing bonds and principles of their acquisition, purchase and buyout by the president ,
    - taking long- term loans and credits,
    - establishing maximum amount of short-term loans and credits taken by the president in a budget year,
    - obligations in the scope of investment and renovations made at the value that exceeds the limit established every year by the commune council,
    - establishing and joining the companies and associations and their dissolving or resigning,
    - setting rules of contribution, withdrawal and disposal of shares and stocks by the president,
    -establishing, liquidation and reorganization of enterprises, establishments and other commune organizational units and equipping them with the property,
    - establishing maximum amount of loans and guarantees made by the president in a budget year,
  10. establishing the sum limit to which the president can independently make obligations, 
  11. taking resolutions on task adoption mentioned in art. 8 section. 2 and 2a,
  12. taking resolutions on cooperation with other communes, selecting for this purpose relevant funds,
  13. taking resolutions on cooperation with local and regional communities of other countries and joining international associations of local and regional communities,
  14. taking resolutions on: the commune emblem, names of streets and public squares and erection of monuments,
  15. granting honorable citizenship of a commune,
  16. taking resolutions on principles of scholarship grants for pupils and students,
  17. decision making in other matters restricted by acts of a commune council competence.


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