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The Office of the City Council
Created by:Agnieszka Zabrocka 23.11.2009, 11:18

The Office of the City Council
The City Hall in Białystok, ul. Słonimska 1
15- 950 Białystok
e-mail: brm@um.bialystok.pl

The Director - Andrzej Matys
room 608

telephone 085-869-60-97 

e-mail: amatys@um.bialystok.pl
The Secretarial Office – Anna Fechner
room 607
telephone 85 869 61 38
Fax. 85 869 62 69

The Information Management Specialist - Agnieszka Zabrocka
room 608

telephone 085- 869-62-84  

e-mail: azabrocka@um.bialystok.pl



The City Council Commissions Service
Ewa Bierć - room 609 ,telephone 085-869-60-47

e-mail: ebierc@um.bialystok.pl

The Budget and Finance Commission
The Commission of Spacial Development and Environmental Protection
The Commission of Sport and Tourism


Agnieszka Trzeciak - room 609, telephone 085-869-61-60

email: atrzeciak@um.bialystok.pl


The Auditing Commission
The Commission of Social Affairs and Health 
The Comission of Self- Government and Safety

Anna Fechner - room 607, telephone 085-869-61-38

e-mail: afechner@um.bialystok.pl 

The Commission of Education and Upbringing
The Commission of Culture and City Promotion

Przemysław Zadykowicz - room 609,  telephone 085-869-69-12

e-mail: pzadykowicz@um.bialystok.pl 

The Commission of Municipal Infrastructure


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