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Current local plans of spatial development


A map of covering the city with local plans of spatial development


Current plans are marked with blue and plans in the developing stage are marked with a brown hatching. Within the limits of the plans are their order numbers corresponding to numbers in the tabular list below.


To download a detailed map:
pdfpokrycie planami.pdfpdf, 6847 KB
Tabular list of spatial development plans adopted for the city of Bialystok after 30/12/1994, and a list of resolutions to proceed with drawing up plans - downloads (as of 03/03/2010)
docplany.docdoc, 238 KB
docuchwały.docdoc, 266 KB
How to open downloaded file

The originals of the existing local plans of special development and the study of conditions and ways of spatial development of Białystok are stored in the City Hall Department of City Planning in Bialystok.


In accordance with article 30 Paragraph 1 of the Act of 27 March 2003 on Spatial Planning and Management (Journal of Laws No. 80, pos. 717 as amended), everyone has the right to inspect the study and plans of spatial management and to receive the extracts and sketches from a map.


In order to obtain an extract and sketch one must submit an application (downloadable form) in the Department of City Planning at Dr. I. Białówny 11 street, or at the City Hall at Słonimska 1 street, specifying the geodetic number of the parcel and its location, possibly accompanied by a map of the selected property.


Pursuant to art. 4 of the Act of 16 November 2006, on the Stamp Duty (Journal of Laws No. 225, item. 1635)

the stamp duty is collected for the subsequent extracts and sketches: an extract: up to 5 pages - 30 zł, more than 5 pages - 50 zł; a sketch: for each complete or started part included in the sketch corresponding to an A4 page - 20 zł - total: no more than 200 zł.


Fees must be paid into the account of the City Hall – the Department of City Finance, Bialystok, Słonimska 1 street, account number: 42 1500 1344 1213 4007 4750 0000.


If you have any suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us
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Existing plans and studies for insight, the receipt of extracts and sketches - in the City Hall Department of City Planning in Białystok,

Dr. I. Białówny 11 st., second floor:

  • plans and studies for an insight – secretary’s office (telephone 869 66 03, 869 66 07),
  • receipt of extracts and sketches - room 227 (telephone 869 66 38).


In order to gain access to the drawing and text of the plan on the map site "plans" you should use the tool to identify, and then click on a plan that interests you. gisbialystok.pl


A table with a brief description and a link to its records and drawing will appear

Detailed drawings and texts of the plans are also available on the website of Public Information Bulletin bip.bialystok.pl