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Laureates 2003
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The awards for the best player:



1. 2.500zł - Krystyna Zabawska (KS „Podlaskie) – athlete athletics - shot put,
- she took VI won at the World Championships in Paris, 
- I place in the European League, 
- established the Polish record and won the Polish Championship senior, 
- is a member of Olympic team „A”.

2. 2.500zł - Krzysztof Smorszczewski (PSSON „START”) – Section athlete athletics, 
- Polish Championships, won three gold medals in shot put, javelin and discus, 
- European Championships gold medal in shot put.

3. 2.000zł - Mariusz Dziembowski (BKS „Hetman”) – boxer, 
- Individual gold medalist of the Polish Senior Championships (Bantamweight), 
- he won three titles with the team Hetman Polish Team Champions.

4. 2.000zł - Krystian Zdrojkowski (MKS „Juvenia”) – 
- he took VIII place in the World Championships in short - track speed skating in the men's 1000m, 
- V in the European Championships in the 5000m relay.

Award for best coach:

1. 3.000zł - Stanisław Wąsowski, Jan Żyliński – boxing trainers, 
- BKS trainers "Hetman" - Polish vice-team in the pit, 
- their two pupils qualified for participation in the Olympic Games in Athens in 2004.

2. 2.000zł - Aleksander Mikłucha – coach short – tracku, 
- His pupils have won 27 medals in the Winter Olympic Games of Youth in Short - track speed skating, 
- 35 medals in the Junior Polish Championship, 
- 31 medals in the Polish Open Championships.

3. 2.000zł - Przemysław Zabawski – coach Krystyny Zabawskiej, 
- coach the national team in the shot put, raised three medalists Polish Junior

4. 2.000zł - Witold Mroziewski – coach SSA Jagiellonia Białystok, 
- his team won in the 2002/03 season promotion to Division II, 
- real sensation was promoted team to the semifinals Polish Cup matches in his career, he coached at Division II with clubs Okocimski Brzeska, Ceramiki Opoczno and Dawn Nowy Dwor Mazowiecki.

The award for the best young athlete:

1. 1.000zł - Przemysław Jurkiewicz – player MKS „Juvenia” 
- XIV place in the men's 500m at the World Junior Championships in Short - track speed skating, 
- V place in the European Championships in the 5000m relay, 
- won five gold medals in the Junior Polish Championship.

2. 1.000zł - Weronika Kitlas – player KS „Podlasie”, 
- she took VII place during the European Championships in run 400m dia, Polish Champion at this distance, 
- member of the Olympic Team „C”, 
- I place in the heats on the 400m and 400m at the Bead Junior European Cup.

3. 1.000zł - Karol Sienkiewicz – player KS „Podlasie”, 
- Polish representative at the FIFA World Youth Championships in men's 100m and reached the semifinals was the third European, a member of the Junior National Team and the Senior Men's 100m.

4. 1.000zł - Piotr Sielawa – boxer BKS „Hetman”, 
- Polish Junior Champion, Junior European Championships he reached the quarterfinals (V - VIII place),
- Junior is a member of Human Resources.

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