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Laureates 2004
Created by:Karol Lech 04.12.2009, 11:39

Award for best athlete:

1. 3.500zł - Krystyna Zabawska (Klub Sportowy Podlasie) 
- VI place at the Athens Olympics in the shot put.

2. 3.000zl - Krzysztof Smorszczewski (Podlaskie Stowarzyszenie Sportowe Osób
  Niepełnosprawnych „Start”) - player Section athlete athletics:
- set a Paralympic and World record in the shot put (ll, 70m) at the Paralympics in Athens, 
- also won two gold medals in the javelin and discus in the Polish Championships in Szczecin, 
- silver medal in the pentathlon at the Polish Championships.

3. 2.500zł - Mirosław Nowosada (Białostocki Klub Sportowy Hetman) - boxing
- request a representative for the whole city and the club in league and international boxing, 
- Multiple Master Polish seniors and juniors in the boxing.

4. 1.500zł - Wojciech Kobeszko (Jagiellonia Białystok S. S.A.) - football player - Municipal Training Center graduate Football Bialystok, 
- scored eight goals in the autumn round of the 2004/2005 season, contributed to the high investment activities in Table II football league, 
- Many times along with teammates visited schools, orphanages and also participated in charity.

5. 1.000zł - Paweł Skowroński (UKS Dojlidy) - canoeing 
- l place in the International Regatta rally in Milan, 
- 4 place in the European Championships in Poznan, 
- 7 place in the World Cup in the Czech Republic, 7 place in the Junior European Championships under the age of 23 in Poznan, 
- l place in the Polish Youth Championships in Bydgoszcz, 
- 5 place in the ranking of the most popular in the 2004 Sportsman of Podlasie.


Award for best coach:

1. 3.500zl - Przemysław Zabawski (Sports Club Podlasie) –
  Krystyna Zabawskiej coach and HR Polish Junior in Shot Put. 
- his charger Piotr Radziwon represented Poland in czwórmeczu Polska - Rosja - Niemcy - Hiszpania (I place in shot put).

2. 3.000zł - Kazimierz Mocarski (Podlaskie Stowarzyszenie Sportowe Osób Niepełnosprawnych „Start”) - Class II athletics and rehabilitation trainer. 
- trained a many of players who have gained the Polish Championship, Europe and World, 
- coach of Olympic and world record holder Krzysztof Smorszczewskiego.

3. 2.500zł - Jan Żyliński (Białostocki Klub Sportowy Hetman) - coach boxing I class
- coach of the Team Polish Champion Senior in 2004.

4. 1.500zł - Jerzy Karpiuk (Podlaski Klub Koszykówki Żubry Białystok) - coach I class basketball
- job training began in 1998. with groups of youth "Instalu" Bialystok, charges a number of successes in various Polish cities, 
- 98/99 on the season became the first coach of II-league team, "Instal" taking 3rd place in league, 
- 2003/2004 season by team "Żubry" Bialystok, which in 2004 won promotion to the second league, the team currently occupies a leading position in the league.

5. 1.000zł - Władysław Kierdelewicz (Klub Sportowy Podlasie) - wrestling - coach II class, 
- graduates win medals every year at the National Junior Olympics, the Polish Cup and Polish Junior, are members of the National Personnel cadets and juniors, representing Poland at international arenas, 
- is President Podlaski Wrestling Association, a member of Polish Association of Wrestling, President of the Commission for Cooperation with the perpendiculars Athletic and sports clubs Uczniowskimi PZZ.


The award for the best young athlete:

1. 1.500zł - Malwina Sobierajska (Klub Sportowy Podlasie) - athletics
- 7 place at the World Junior Championships in the hammer throw.
2. 1.500zł - Piotr Sielawa (Białostocki Klub Sportowy Hetman) - boxing
- won the title of Junior Polish Championship in boxing in Szczecin, 
- 2 place in the Senior Individual Championships in the pit in Poznan, 
- Polish National Team in international tournaments, juniors and seniors.

3. 1.500zł - Kamil Drągowski (Podlaskie Stowarzyszenie Sportowe Osób Niepełnosprawnych „Start”) - athlete swimming section
- bronze medal in the 4X100m Loom floating on the Paralympics in Athens, 
- Four silver and two bronze medals at the Winter Championships in Szczecin Polish, 
- one gold and four silver medals at four Summer Polish Championships in Gorzow Wielkopolski,

4. 1.500zł - Łukasz Kurbat (learner Zespołu Szkół Ogólnokształcących i Technicznych) - wrestlling
- X National bronze medalist in Poznan, Youth Olympics, 
- Polish Cup winner Cadets from Radom.

5. 1.500zl - Patryk Wojszko (Międzyszkolny Klub Sportowy Juvenia) - swimming
- won five gold medals at the Winter Championships, Polish Junior.


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