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Białystok Science and Technology Park

Official webpage of Białystok Science and Technology Park http://bpnt.bialystok.pl/en/




Białystok Science and Technology Park is situated in the southern part of the city, within the borders of the “Dojlidy” district, in the direct vicinity of service real-estate and the Białystok Sub Zone Suwałki Special Economic Zone. Futhermore, the University of Białystok Campus will be located in the Park’s and the Zone’s impact area. Such synergic concentration will form the district of knowledge and industry in this area of the city, generating the scientific sphere, as well as the production and services sector based on innovative solutions and highly-advanced technologies.


Białystok Science and Technology Park location area:



  • Complex land improvement and making it available for industrial, production and services development (the target area – 26 ha),
  • Redevelopment of streets within and around the Park area,
  • Land development of total area ca. 3.4 hectares by construction of:
    • Technology Incubator and Park Administration building,
    • Technology Centre building,
  • Fitting of the buildings,
  • Area of the buildings ca. 13,000 sq.m.

Technology Incubator and BSTP Administration


Technology Incubator and BSTP Administration is a multifunctional building of logistic functions related to the administration and development of the BSTP. It will support the establishment and development of high-technology companies by offering them equipped office and service rooms, as well as representative, conference and exhibition functions.

The following sections were separated in the building occupying an area of approx. 5,750 m2 (5 floors):

  • the representative and administrative part of the Park,
  • conference rooms, exhibition hall,
  • office and service space for rent.


Technology Centre


Technology Centre is the facility for the realisation of tasks related to service and production operations conducted in the Park in terms of highly-advanced technologies, as well as the realisation of tasks resulting from the fact that the Park’s residents participate in science and research programmes.

The following sections were separated in the building occupying a usable area of approx. 7,250 m2 (2 floors):

  • office and technology,
  • laboratory,
  • production halls.


Part of the laboratory section will be assigned for the laboratories of Electromagnetic Compatibility, Physicochemical Analysis of Materials and Products, Computer Graphics and Interactive Art, and Medical Imaging. Moreover, the Data Centre will be located in the building of the Technology Centre, ensuring the future residents of the Park a broad spectrum of abilities and innovative services in the fields of, e.g, IT collocation, Cloud Computing and virtualisation (Iaas, PaaS, SaaS, CaaS), hosting and consolidation.




The mission and general aim of BSTP is sustainable economic development of the city of Białystok and of Podlasie region by promoting the culture of modern technologies, innovation and competition among entrepreneurs and institutions which operate in knowledge-based conditions.




The Park's offer will include:

  • rental of ready-made space for companies, as well as for science and research institutions (office, technology and laboratory space),
  • incubation of newly-created technology companies,
  • sale of investment land,
  • modern IT infrastructure,
  • specialised equipment for the research and development tasks of the companies,
  • rental of conference and exhibition rooms,
  • advice, information and training for entrepreneurs,
  • promotion of companies operating in the Park,
  • options for operating in the e-Park (virtual residents of the Park),
  • other business-related services.




  • IT, BPO,
  • biotechnology and pharmacology,
  • materials technologies,
  • nanotechnologies and teletechnics,
  • electronics and electrotechnics.



Commencement of the investment: November 2009
Projected investment completion: December 2013




The value of the project is approx. 167.2 mln PLN including EU funding approx. 119 mln PLN, within the Operational Programme Development of Eastern Poland 2007-2013.



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