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The President competences


The Mayor of the City, in accordance with the Law on Municipal Self-Government, is the executive body of local government municipalities.


Its tasks:

  • project preparation and implementation of Council resolutions;

  • data collection and analysis of phenomena in all relevant areas of operation of the city, including in areas of government subordinate to the Council and the submission of reports and the conclusions;

  • management of municipal property;

  • hiring and firing managers of municipal agencies;

  • granting powers to heads of organizational units of the City of the unincorporated property to the management of these units, and consent to carry out operations beyond the scope of permanent full powers;

  • perform the tasks assigned on the basis of separate laws;

  • perform other duties reserved by law for the powers of the President


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Contact detailes

of the President of the City


ul. Słonimska 1

15-950 Białystok

tel. 85 869 6256

      85 869 6251

mail: prezydent@um.bialystok.pl

How to meet the President?

The President’s business hours are on Tuesdays. To make an appointment contact the secretarial office:


President of the City
Tadeusz Truskolaski

85 869-6002

85 869-6265


For matters within the competence of the Deputy Mayor of the City, please contact the respective secretariats:


Adam Poliński

Andrzej Meyer
85 869-6005




Aleksander Sosna

Renata Przygodzka

85 869-6008